Our spider exterminators at D’s Pest Control have been there to help our many arachnophobic customers over the years. So many people have a fear of spiders, but we believe that if people learned more about these creatures, they wouldn’t be so afraid of them! There are all kinds of spiders living around Lubbock TX, and we have to be thankful for them, because if there weren’t, our area would be overrun with insects! If you want to learn some interesting spider facts, read on—we’ve laid out 10 of our favorites for you.

10 Fun Facts About Spiders

  1. They’re around you right now: Research suggests that at any given point, you’re probably no more than 10 feet away from the nearest spider! Don’t fret, they would much prefer to stay hidden than bother you.
  2. There are thousands of spider species: We have identified 35,000 different species of spiders worldwide. Even with all of the incredible variation we see across species, scientists suspect that there are many more still out there waiting to be found.
  3. Spiders are dancers: Male spiders often incorporate a dance into their courtship routine. This usually consists of frantic scuttling and arm-waving movements, aiming to captivate the female.
  4. Male spiders are gift-givers: When trying to court a female, male spiders will often capture a fly or other insect to wrap in silk and present to them. However, some spiders cut corners by wrapping up leaves or other junk instead.
  5. Female spiders are unforgiving: In some cases of unsatisfactory courtship attempts or after copulation, the female spider will eat or bite off the head of their male partner. A vicious move! This is where the name “black widow” comes from.
  6. Most spiders can’t hurt you: Although all spiders are venomous, the venom potency and volume that most spiders have is nowhere near enough to put you in danger.
  7. Spider silk is a liquid: Spiders actually store their silk as a liquid in their spinning gland. It only becomes solidified when they eject it into the air.
  8. Spider silk is stronger than steel: Although spider webs seem flimsy, this is only due to the density of their silk strands. A steel strand of the same size would be five times weaker!
  9. Spiders use silk in multiple ways: The most traditional spider web we know is the patterned trapping web, but some spiders spin silk to build tunnel-like places to nest in or hide in, and other spiders spin silk to walk across or float through the air on.
  10. Spider muscles work quite differently: Spiders can only retract their muscles using a similar mechanism as us. To expand their legs out again, they must pump a special fluid through them—this is why dead spiders have their legs curled in.

Spider Control Experts in Lubbock TX

The only spiders around Lubbock TX that can seriously hurt you are the black widow and the brown recluse. Although the spiders you have in your home are much more than likely to be friendly, we understand that a spider infestation can be very unsettling. If you need help getting rid of spiders in your home or business, reach out to our spider control team at D’s Pest Control team today for a free estimate!

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