Are Bird Spikes Humane or Horrible?

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Bird spikes are a common sight in buildings around Lubbock TX. And, to an untrained eye, they can look like a harsh measure to take against the winged denizens of our city. Birds may be a bird spikes on building ledge nuisance, but does the best course of action truly come in the form of barbs and spikes? At D’s Pest Control, we specialize in bird control and removal, and in many cases, that involves the use of bird spikes. Don’t worry, though – this form of pest exclusion is much less scary than it sounds. Let’s go into it below!

What Are Bird Spikes?

You may recognize bird spikes from businesses and commercial properties in the Lubbock TX area. These long strips of barbs are placed on flat surfaces like fences, ledges and company signs. From even a short distance they might look like a close cousin to barbed wire – and that’s exactly the point. See, these plastic or metal protrusions may look needle-sharp, but they’re actually fairly flexible and blunt at the tip. The point is not to harm any bird (or unwitting person) who comes into contact with them. The point is to cover the areas where birds are most likely to roost and render those nooks and crannies less appealing. You know, and we know, that they won’t get hurt. The birds, however, only see the illusion of danger – and that’s the magic of bird spikes.

Benefits of Bird Deterrent Spikes

When you see a sparrow or a starling outside your window, it might come as a pleasant surprise. They are pretty birds, after all. But if these common Texan birds make a nest on (or in) your property, it can cause a real problem. There are many smaller, parasitic insects that cling to these birds and their nests, so by leaving them alone you’re inviting additional pests into your home. And if that isn’t enough, bird droppings will damage properties and potentially spread sickness. You don’t want a winged squatter on your property, so draw a healthy boundary with bird spikes.

Bird spikes are safe and effective for everyone involved. It’s pest control without pesticides. They’re easily installed, either for a temporary or more permanent solution and once they’re a part of your home they can upwards of 10 years before needing to be replaced. And maintenance and replacement are easy.

Bird Exclusion From D’s Pest Control

DIY bird deterrents exist online, but are they effective? Our bird spikes are specially designed harmless to us but uncomfortable for nuisance wildlife. Many of these alternative methods involve materials that could not only hurt the birds, but harm yourself as well. In cases like this, when all you want is to make sure the neighborhood woodpecker nests where it’s supposed to, it’s best to leave work to the professionals. D’s Pest Control has the skill and experience you need to bird-proof your home for years to come. If you currently have a nest on your property, we can safely remove and relocate it. And once we’re done, we can use bird spikes and other exclusionary efforts make sure birds are no longer attracted to your property. Call D’s Pest Control today!

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