Who’s At Risk Of Getting Bed Bugs In Lubbock, TX?

Since their resurgence in the 1990s, anyone and everyone is at risk of getting bed bugs. Anyone who visits high-risk areas—including hotels, schools, dorms, office buildings, and even movie theatres—are prone to an infestation.

The individuals that may be at the highest risk of 

  • College students
  • Recent travelers
  • Used furniture buyers
  • People that have visited infested areas
Who’s at risk of getting bed bugs in Lubbock TX; D's Pest Control -Bed Bug Exterminators

The Risk Of Bed Bugs In Hotels

There has been a rise in the global cases of bed bugs, especially in hotels. The truth is, hotels are a prime location for bed bugs. For one, bed bugs are never short of a meal in hotel rooms. Even if a room is vacant for a day or two, they can easily spread to another room. Bed bugs inside one hotel room can quickly lead to an infested hotel. To avoid picking up bed bugs in a hotel, always do your research and read reviews. Additionally, check the mattress and furniture in the room. Lastly, store your suitcase above ground or in the bathtub, away from the reach of any bed bugs that could be crawling around.

Bed Bugs and College Students

Similar to hotel rooms, bed bugs love dorm rooms. Due to the number of people that live in student housing units, bed bugs can quickly spread. This can be a nightmare for any college student to worry about, which is why it’s important to always report the early signs of an infestation if noticed. When returning home for the holidays or summer vacation, ensure your college student’s suitcase is thoroughly cleaned before storing it away.

Why You Should Worry About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can happen to anyone at any time. Even worse, they can go a whole year without a blood meal! Bed bugs are opportunists and will hitch a ride to new areas, where a new infestation can grow. Even if you think you aren’t at risk of getting bed bugs, it’s important to know the signs of an infestation and to take cautionary measures to prevent them. When in doubt, always contact your local bed bug control experts.