Have you been finding speedy, reddish-brown cockroaches around your property or in your home this summer? You might be dealing with an infestation of American cockroaches. The American cockroach is one of the most prolific cockroach species living around Lubbock TX, thriving off of the warmth and humidity we experience during so much of the year.

If you’re here, you’re surely wondering what you can do to get rid of them. To do so properly, it’s important to learn more about their nature so we can address the issue efficiently and effectively. Read on to learn how to get rid of American cockroaches with the experts at D’s Pest Control!

Learn About the American Cockroach

As you might gather from their name, the American cockroach is a common cockroach species in most places around the country. If you think you’ve found roaches in your home, you can use these identifying features to narrow them down to American cockroaches:

  • 1.5 to 2.5 inches in length—the largest cockroach species in Lubbock TX
  • Reddish-brown shade, going from lighter to darker branching out from the center of their backs to their limbs
  • Commonly found around moist or wet areas like sewers, drains, and bathrooms
  • Blazingly fast running speed, reaching top speeds of over three miles per hour (which seems slow until you see them in action)

Preventing American Cockroaches

Because American cockroaches thrive in areas with high humidity and moisture levels, you’ll often find them around the outside of your home where rainwater or condensation collect. However, if they don’t have what they need in the streets’ sewers, they’ll look for it in our homes and businesses. Getting rid of American cockroaches with DIY strategies or storebought products is extremely difficult. This is why we recommend taking these roach-proofing steps routinely:

  1. Look for leaks: Roach infestations often start when an undetected leak allows water to build up. Check under your sinks for cracked pipes and check all other accessible plumbing fixtures for leakage often.
  2. Clean spills quickly: Roaches also need to eat, so any spilled food and water should be cleaned up right away to prevent them from finding a source of nourishment.
  3. Take out the trash often: Roaches can find food in your trash can very easily, so make sure you’re taking it out often and using a sealable lid to prevent infestations.

American Cockroach Control in Lubbock TX

The problem with roaches of every species is that they’re very reclusive, so if you’ve found one, there are likely already many more around. If you’ve found roaches on your property in Lubbock TX, your best bet is to call a local cockroach exterminator. Our team at D’s Pest Control can conduct an inspection to find where they’re coming from, eliminate the infestation, and teach you how to avoid future problems. Reach out today to get started with a free estimate!

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