One of the biggest fears with bed bugs is the fact that they can spread—silently—in your home before you ever notice their presence. Bed bugs are slow movers, but they can still reproduce at a rate that will quickly turn a small infestation into a much larger one. A single bed bug can lay up to a dozen eggs in a day, or up to 500 eggs in its lifetime. Inside your Lubbock home or business, these bed bugs can spread from one room to another if infested items or furniture is moved around. To keep bed bugs from spreading—or to keep them out in the first place—it’s important to learn all the best prevention tips and tricks. The experts at D’s Pest Control are here to help.

Bed Bug Prevention Tips to Stop the Spread

In order to keep bed bugs from spreading in your property, it’s important to learn how to inspect for bed bug activity. In addition, some of the best ways to prevent bed bugs are to:

  1. Thoroughly inspect used furniture for bed bugs before buying anything from a second-hand store.
  2. Buy protective covers for all of the mattresses and box springs in your home.
  3. If traveling, use hard shell suitcases and thoroughly inspect your hotel room for bed bugs. Always store luggage up off the ground.
  4. When arriving home from traveling, steam clean your suitcase and wash all clothing before storing everything away.
  5. If you utilize shared laundry facilities or a laundromat, seal your clothes in a plastic bag to and from the facility, and always fold your clothes at home.

Can Bed Bugs Spread from Person to Person?

Although bed bugs bite and feed on people, the person-to-person spread of bed bugs is very rare. Unlike fleas and ticks, bed bugs do not latch onto people. Instead, they will retreat back to their hiding spots after feeding. The spread of bed bugs usually happens when infested items are moved from one area to another. Typically, this happens when infested furniture or items are moved from one room to another. The spread of bed bugs can also be traced back to travelers and college kids bringing home infested suitcases.

Keep Bed Bugs From Spreading in Texas

Whether you’ve recently traveled or are worried that your college student brought home bed bugs with them, it’s important to stay vigilant about bed bugs inside your property. As soon as you begin to notice the signs of these pests, it’s important to contact your local bed bug exterminators. At D’s Pest Control, we can help you say goodbye to bed bugs for good!

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