The last thing anyone wants to find in their kitchen is a cockroach infestation. Cockroaches are a notorious sign of filth, so finding them in and around the places you cook can be unsettling. If you are in this situation, you’re surely looking for the quickest way to safely get rid of them. Our roach exterminators at D’s Pest Control are here to help! Read on to learn how to get rid of roaches in kitchen appliances like microwaves, sinks, and drains and keep them out for good.

Why Do I Have Roaches in my Kitchen?

You shouldn’t rush to blame yourself for a cockroach infestation in your kitchen. Although roaches are attracted to crumbs and grease from unattended food messes, they are also attracted to dark, damp, and warm environments that you might not have known your property is providing. If roaches find a crack in an external plumbing fixture, they can use it to access hospitable indoor hiding places and follow this trail to your kitchen appliances.

Unfortunately, no matter the reason for your infestation, if you’ve noticed it already, chances are it could be quite expansive. Because roaches are good at hiding, finding stray roaches in the daylight often means that the infestation has grown large enough to push excess roaches out of comfortable hiding places. Cockroaches are resilient creatures and dollar store sprays will do you no good — any size infestation should be dealt with by a professional roach exterminator who can both safely control the population and identify the reason for its presence.

How to Keep Roaches Out

In order to keep roaches out of your kitchen appliances, you have to work to keep these sneaky pests out of your home to begin with. Take these steps to prevent roach problems in your home:

  • Regularly clean your kitchen appliances, paying close attention to food spills
  • Routinely check for leaks under your sink
  • Take out your trash often and keep your bends at a maximum distance from your home
  • Keep your kitchen and bathroom well ventilated
  • Inspect the exterior of your house for cracks in walls, foundation, and plumbing fixtures
  • Team up with your local roach exterminators if your problems persist

Expert Cockroach Exterminators in Lubbock TX

If you are finding roaches in your kitchen appliances, it’s important to contact your local pest control company as soon as you can to stop your infestation from spreading and growing larger. Our roach control experts at D’s Pest Control have removed roaches from the kitchens of many a Lubbock TX customer — we can swiftly assess your situation to put your roach problem to an abrupt stop. To learn more about our services and get a free quote on cockroach control, contact us today!

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