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Jumping Spiders in Lubbock TX

There are over 300 species of jumping spiders throughout the nation and over 4,000 worldwide. With so many species, they range in color and appearance. Most adult jumping spiders are dark brown or gray in color with pale or colorful markings. They are also often covered in iridescent hairs. Jumping spiders are known for their keen eyesight during the day, but they possess poor night vision. This makes them mostly active during the daytime. Jumping spiders have eight eyes in three rows.

Jumping Spider Habitat

Jumping spiders are commonly found around doors and windows in the home, looking for prey (other insects). They can also be found around furniture, in your curtains, or even hiding in crevices. Outside, jumping spiders prefer to hunt near trees, under stones or planks, and along fences or decks in your backyard. Jumping spiders are found all throughout the United States. In general, they prefer to be outdoors and aren’t looking to infest homes. Any webs built by jumping spiders are more for molting and hibernating rather than catching prey.

Jumping Spider Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Named after their signature behavior of jumping from place to place, these spiders can be alarming to witnesses. Some species can jump 20 times their own body length. Commonly mistaken for black widow spiders due to their size and shape, jumping spiders don’t pose a huge threat. If they feel threatened, jumping spiders may potentially bite in defense. These spiders possess fangs and contain venom (like all spiders), but their venom is not considered a medical threat. While these spiders aren’t dangerous, they still can be concerning to deal with.

If you are dealing with a jumping spider problem, always contact your local spider exterminators.