Springtime is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The daffodils and crocuses are starting to peek up out of the earth, soon to show their brilliant colors. Along with the joy of this season comes spring cleaning and maintenance to keep the insects that have been dormant from entering your home and outdoor living spaces. 

Steps to Keep Insects Out

  • Kitchen- The heart of the home is your kitchen. Prevent ants and cockroaches by cleaning your kitchen surfaces regularly, as well as appliances such as toasters and grills. Clean out your pantries; an unkempt pantry is like a buffet line. Clean your fridge, and cabinets and remove expired and unwanted items. Scrub your drawers with bleach or kitchen cleaner, and afterward, sweep and mop your floor. Even random crumbs can be enough to create the need for pest control.
  • Bathroom- Moisture in your bathrooms can attract cockroaches and silverfish.  Regularly wash shower curtains, dry bathroom surfaces, and clean out drawers and cabinets. Pests may enter through windowsills, and drains. Check screens and any gaps around windowsills. Pour bleach down drains as pests may come up your drains. Check pipes under the sink for any leaks, as water attracts pests. 
  • Clutter- Remove clutter inside your home, basement, garage, and sheds. Storage spaces and unfinished basements are ideal for spiders, cockroaches, and rodents as they are often dark and filled with lots of clutter. These conditions are perfect for breeding and hiding. Pests thrive in the dark, and out of sight. The dark allows them to avoid predators when they search for food, which is often at night. 

Outside Maintenance

  • Examine home exterior-  Now it’s time to scour your home’s exterior, looking for cracks and holes in the foundation or openings around windows. Ant problems can usually be traced to tiny fissures around windows. Remember, insects must enter your home before they can pose a real pest control problem. Ants are especially diligent about locating new entry points. Seal any cracks you find and repair or replace screens in windows. By eliminating any openings in your home’s periphery, you’re taking the first step in pest control. 
  • Trash cans- Trash cans are an area that commonly hold food and will act as a magnet for pests. The trash can is a common weak point in pest prevention and control. Store your cans away from the house if possible. Ensure your trash cans have a tight-fitting lid and are lined with trash bags.
  • Firewood- Store your firewood away from your home, outside buildings, and off of the ground. Piles of firewood attract termites and other pests. These piles act as both a shelter and a food supply.
  • Garden maintenance- Try reducing pests from entering your home by placing plants away from your home’s structure. By maintaining the plants outside your home and keeping a plant-free zone around your home, pests are less likely to inhabit these areas.
  • Remove water Sources- Removing water sources will have a great reward in the reduction of mosquito breeding. People often ask how they can get rid of the mosquitoes that are in their yards, patio, or area around their homes. You can do this by making your entire yard less attractive to mosquitoes. Eliminate or treat any standing water in your yard in these areas:      
    • Lawn or yard ornaments with standing water features
    • Buckets that accumulate rainwater or runoff
    • Puddles
    • Landscape ponds
    • Bird baths
    • Ruts that hold standing water
    • Clogged gutters and downspout
    • Plant bowls saucers

Spring Pest Control in Lubbock TX

D’s Pest Control has been combating all the common springtime pests in Lubbock TX. We understand the steps that need to be taken to ensure your home is pest-free – not only in the warmer season, but all year round. You can trust that our expert services are comprehensive and reliable. Want to know more? Contact D’s Pest Control today!

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