How Much Does Termite Damage Cost to Repair in Lubbock TX?

Termites take several years to reach full maturity, but once they do their entire focus will be on feeding. If there is a colony in your home or business and you allow it to grow unimpeded, you may wind up with several thousand dollars’ worth of repairs. Termites are known for being the costliest pest to treat, and nationwide it’s estimated that they create nearly 5 billion dollars in damage every year. 

It’s very hard to catch termite infestations before they cause any damage to the home. If you call as soon as you notice signs of their presence, however, you can get away with paying a minor fee as opposed to something a lot more costly. 

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Damage From Termites

We categorize the effects of termites into two categories. This includes:

  • Minor termite infestation damage, which covers cosmetic damage like discoloration in the central surfaces of your home or business. If there are small issues with your sheetrock or if the hardwood floors are bending or buckling, we can address that with a relatively minor expense.
  • Structural or property damage that happens when termites chew through structural beams or the walls of a property. This is a much more complicated problem to treat, and because of that it’ll cost at least a few thousand dollars or more to fix.

Termite Treatment or Prevention Costs

If you have termites in the home, you can’t avoid paying some amount of repair costs. What you do have some control over is the scope of repairs needed for your property. If you catch the signs of termites early on you can stop them in their tracks. Even better, you can schedule annual termite inspections through D’s Pest Control to guarantee an extra level of security in being pest-free for longer.

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