How do Termites Spread in Lubbock TX?

Like many other pests, termite infestations grow as the colony matures, and oftentimes they manage to grow exponentially without being discovered. For Formosan and subterranean termites, there are a few factors that determine how fast their population grows. This includes moisture levels, climate and season, size of the colony and presence of wood in contact with soil.

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How Quickly do Termite Infestations Spread?

If you’ve found termite damage around the home, that is evidence that you’re currently in the middle of an infestation that has been growing for sometimes years at a time. So How big of a problem could you be looking at? 

The population of a termite colony ranges from several hundred to thousands upon thousands. Even just the Queen termite is capable of producing 30,000 eggs in a day – which means over 10 million in a year. Even if it’s not at that severity, it’s estimated that the average mature colony of termites can destroy up to a pound of wood a day. With statistics like that it should be clear why we push for regular treatment every year!

Can I get Termites From My Infested Neighbors? 

Is your neighbor or the business next door being tented and treated for termites? It might comfort you to know that, just because the neighbors have termites, it doesn’t mean you’ll get them too. But there is a chance, especially if your building was built around the same time as theirs was. Just to be safe, it’s best to call for an inspection from a professional like the ones at D’s Pest Control.

How do Termites Form New Colonies?

Over the course of a year, smaller termites from existing colonies will molt into male and female alates. These winged and sexually mature pests will leave the nest through mud tubes and swarm once per season, searching for a mate and a new place to nest. To make sure that new home isn’t on – or in – your property, D’s Pest Control can perform preventive maintenance to keep you termite-free with confidence. 

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