Where do Termites Live?

Termites are found in every part of the United States aside from Alaska. They may prefer warmer climates, but they can adapt to survive in most other areas just as easily. As long as there’s cellulose to eat it’s home enough for them. Some may prefer dry wood to nest in while others stay in soil. In Lubbock TX, termite infestations have been found in walls, furniture, logs, and virtually any other wood source.

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Where Are Termites Found in My Home?

Termites vary in their preference for wood. For example, drywood termites prefer dry wood not in contact with soil. That is not the case for termites found here in Lubbock TX:

  1. Eastern subterranean termites and formosan termites require regular contact with soil in order to survive.
  2. Both of these termites live and travel through mud tubes. These mud tubes allow termites to travel and search for food without exposure to the open air.
  3. These mud tubes can be around the foundation, windows, wall studs, and siding in your Lubbock TX home.

Termites in Lubbock TX

Different kinds of termites thrive in different parts of the country. In Lubbock TX, for instance, you aren’t likely to get an infestation of drywood termites. We’re more of a home for Formosan and subterranean termites – the most common, and most destructive variety known to man.

Formosan and Subterranean Termites in the Home

Unlike drywood termites, which prefer dry wood separated from the ground, Formosan and subterranean termites in Lubbock need regular contact with soil to survive. These subspecies travel through mud tubes paved around the foundation of your home, as well as on windows, wall studs and siding. And with the warmth and humidity in Lubbock, Formosan and subterranean termites can infest your property at virtually any time.

You don’t have to wait until the damage is truly done to call for help. In fact, if you even only suspect the presence of these wood-boring pests in your home, you can call D’s Pest Control for professional service you can rely on.

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