Where do Termites Live?

Found in every state except Alaska, termites are common pests nationwide. Termites typically prefer warmer climates but can easily adapt to the environment and climate they live in.

As long as termites have cellulose to feed on, they can survive. Some termites live in and need soil to survive, while others prefer to live in dry wood above the ground level. Termite infestations have been found living in walls, bathrooms, furniture, logs, and any other wood source found in or near your property in Tennessee.

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Where Are Termites Found in My Home?

Termites vary in their preference for wood. For example, drywood termites prefer dry wood not in contact with soil. That is not the case for termites found here in Lubbock TX:

  1. Eastern subterranean termites and formosan termites require regular contact with soil in order to survive.
  2. Both of these termites live and travel through mud tubes. These mud tubes allow termites to travel and search for food without exposure to the open air.
  3. These mud tubes can be around the foundation, windows, wall studs, and siding in your Lubbock TX home.

Termite Activity in My Region

Although termites are found all throughout the United States, different types of termites are active in different areas. They prefer warmer areas that provide them with humidity. Here in Lubbock TX, we don’t commonly deal with drywood termites as much as we deal with subterranean termites. This type of termite is the most common everywhere, and unfortunately the most destructive as well.

Termites in My Lubbock TX Home

Both Eastern subterranean and formosan termites have been reported in our state. With our climate, our region is a haven for these wood-boring insects to actively reproduce at any time, making termite infestations a constant threat to homeowners. Termites can live in a number of wood structures both inside and outside your home, making it all the more important to team up with a professional termite exterminator such as D’s Pest Control.