How Often Should My Home Be Treated For Termites in Lubbock TX?

Termite care happens on an ongoing basis through a mixture of inspections and treatment. There are certain products, like liquid termiticide, that last for a decade or more. Other tools like bait stations need to be regularly monitored in order to last indefinitely. Regardless of which your termite specialist uses, annual inspections are vital in maintaining the effectiveness of termite treatment, and to keep any colonies from reaching maturity on your property.

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When Do I Need Termite Treatment?

In the pest control industry, there are termite treatments and termite inspections. We suggest all homes in Lubbock to seek out termite inspections on an annual basis in order to catch potential infestations at an early stage. However, you may not need to be treated quite as often. When you work with the experts at D’s Pest Control, they can make an exact plan of action to keep your household protected at all times.

Year-Round Termite Treatment

Though we stress the importance of leaving termite treatment to the professionals, there are still precautions you can take between inspections to prevent termites from being drawn to your home. This includes: 

  • Keeping piles of lumber or firewood off the outside of your property
  • Regularly inspecting your deck, patio and outdoor furniture for wood damage
  • Avoid sources of standing water in or near the home
  • Remove decaying foliage from your yard

Do I Need Termite Treatment?

If you don’t have any signs of wood damage around the home, you might be asking – do I need termite treatment? The answer may surprise you. Even if you don’t have an active termite infestation, there are still preventative measures you can take to keep one from forming in the future. All homes should be undergoing termite inspections once a year, and the team at D’s Pest Control can help make sure you are termite-free all year long.

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