A lot of exciting things await us in the spring. Spring brings blooms and warm weather to Lubbock TX, but it also brings all kinds of insect population resurgences. The spring season is often associated with bees—as crucial contributors to local ecosystems through pollination, they symbolize nourishment and the interconnected growth of life. But suddenly, when the temperatures drop at the end of each year, the bees disappear. Where do bees go in the winter? Read on to learn from the experts at D’s Pest Control!

Do Bees Hibernate Like Other Animals Do?

If you normally see bee activity around your home in the spring and summer, you’ve likely noticed a significant reduction during the winter. This might lead you to ask, where do bees go in the winter if they have nothing to pollinate? The answer actually depends on what species of bees you have! These three bees that are common in Lubbock TX react to the winter in different ways:

  • Bumblebees: Bumblebee numbers dwindle when the weather becomes inhospitable, but the queen survives the winter to replenish the population in the spring. Overwintering queens typically burrow holes in the ground or inhabit hollow logs, nests, or compost piles.
  • Honey bees: During the winter, the male honey bees die off, but the female bees return to the hive to huddle around the queen, vibrating to stay warm. Their only source of nutrition is the honey that they collected during their active seasons.
  • Carpenter bees: Carpenter bees hibernate during the winter to survive. They wait out the cold season in their old nest tunnels from the spring.

How to Prepare for Bees During the Winter

The presence of bees in your yard can sometimes be a pleasant experience. However, if you have too many, there is a possibility that they will nest in your home’s structure or very close to your door. This can lead to an increased risk of stings and general discomfort. During the winter, you can take the following preventative measures to keep bees away from your home come springtime:

  1. Seal cracks around your home’s exterior and repair broken roofing
  2. Consider planting flowers farther away from your house
  3. Avoid letting your lawn and plants overgrow to prevent nesting sites
  4. Fill in animal burrows in your yard to prevent bees from nesting there
  5. Cover your outside trash bins with sealable lids, if possible

Need Help with Bee Prevention?

If you’re looking for professional help preventing bees from taking over your property again this spring, reach out to your local pest control company. Our team of bee removal experts will inspect your property during the winter to identify any potential nesting sites you may have missed, and during spring and summer, they will safely and humanely remove any nests from your property. Contact us today for a free quote on bee control!

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