Here in Texas, rodents are one of the most common pest problems all year long. That said, no season is more prone to rodent problems than the fall and winter months. This is because as the temperatures begin to drop, rats and mice look to make their way into homes and businesses to hunker down for the season. Needless to say, no homeowner wants to share their property with rodents this time of year—or ever, for that matter. With Rodent Awareness Week just around the corner, the experts at D’s Pest Control are here to help keep our customers educated about where rats could be getting indoors, the areas where mice like to live in your home, and what you can do to keep them away. Read on to learn more!

How Do Rats Get Indoors?

The bad news is that rodents can make their way into your home much easier than you’d think. Along with squeezing in through tiny openings (small mice can fit into holes that are just 5 mm wide), one of the most common means by which rodents get indoors is by climbing. Rats are proficient climbers and scale vertical walls with disturbing ease. In fact, they can climb up a number of types of walls: concrete, wood, brick, stucco, drywall, and more. Roof rats in particular are known for their climbing skills, and rats in general have a vertical leap of about 36 inches. This makes it very easy for rodents to get on your roof and make their way indoors.

Common Rodent Hiding Spots In Your Home

Rodents can make a nest in a number of areas around your home. The most common areas include:

  1. Attics or lofts: In your attic, rodents will shred insulation and hide in cardboard boxes.
  2. Kitchens: Especially in restaurants, rodents are known to harbor around appliances to stay warm.
  3. Laundry rooms: Similarly to kitchens, laundry rooms provide rodents with the warmth and moisture they seek.
  4. In the walls: When you have a bad infestation, rodents could be found in crawl spaces or wall cavities.
  5. Garages: Rats and mice are frequently found in residential garages amidst your stored items.

Need to Keep Rodents Out?

No matter whether it’s Rodent Awareness Week or not, the experts at D’s Pest Control are committed to educating our Lubbock TX communities about the potential dangers of rodent infestations. Avoiding rodents means learning about how they get indoors in the first place. To learn more about keeping rats and mice out this fall and winter, contact us today to learn more!

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