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As it continues to get warmer out around Lubbock TX, we are all looking forward to spending more time in the sunshine. However, the better the weather, the more cause for concern when it comes to lawn pest infestations. Ticks, fleas, chinch bugs, and more pests will happily nest and live on our lawns if we don’t take preventative measures to keep them away. There are several steps to conduct proper lawn care in the interest of pest prevention, and we’re here to walk you through them. Read on to learn from the lawn pest control experts at D’s Pest Control!

6 Tips to Prevent Lawn Pest Infestations

You have to take care of your yard as a whole to prevent pest infestations from building up on your lawn. Every lawn is different, but we recommend you consider these six steps when looking for ways to keep pests off of your lawn:

  1. Hydrate your lawn: Overwatering and underwatering are both lawn hydration issues that lead to pest problems. The best way to ensure that your lawn is receiving the right amount of water throughout is to install a sprinkler system or irrigation system that can distribute regulated quantities of water in a strategized way.
  2. Get rid of thatch: While thatch can be helpful for temperature regulation, too much or too little of it can allow different kinds of pests to nest or feed with ease. Using nitrogen fertilizer and aerating your lawn can both help keep thatch regulated.
  3. Prevent overgrowth: When overgrown, bushes, brushes, and trees can provide hiding places for pests in your yard. Keeping them trimmed back will reduce the opportunity for bugs to find nourishment and breeding sites.
  4. Keep clean: Another consequence of overgrowth is the natural debris that will accumulate in your yard because of it. Regularly clearing out any yard waste piling up on or around your lawn will also help reduce the number of places where pests can take shelter or search for food undisturbed.
  5. Mow often: Keeping your grass cut short by mowing roughly once a week can promote healthy and consistent growth while denying pests the opportunity for easy nesting.
  6. Hire an expert: There are so many possible reasons for facing pest issues in your yard, so it can be hard to tell how to move forward with getting rid of pests on your lawn. A lawn pest control specialist will be able to determine the best ways to set up effective pest prevention strategies for your lawn.

Lawn Pest Control Services in Lubbock TX

If you’re ready to get rid of the pest infestation on your lawn for good, it’s time to contact your local pest control company. At D’s Pest Control, our technicians are licensed, certified, and highly trained to assess lawns for current issues and vulnerabilities creating pest problems. We can clear out your bugs and help you keep them away on your own. Reach out today for a free quote!

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