Rodent Control for the Winter

With fall coming to a close in Lubbock, Texas, and winter weather quickly coming upon us, we all start to migrate indoors to get away from the colder temperatures outside, but we aren’t the only ones migrating indoors to get out of the cold weather. Rodents and other pests are looking to find a way for themselves and their families to go to get out of the cold weather so they can survive the colder temperatures as well and your home makes the perfect last-minute home for them to protect themselves from the colder temperatures.

Unlike the smaller almost unnoticeable pests that we deal with at D’s Pest Control (like ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, spiders, and ticks, who can sneak their way in and out through the interior of the walls of your house and the foundation of your house), rodents—as much as they try to be sneaky—can’t go unnoticed. They leave little hints wherever they go that they were there. You may notice some bite marks on your furniture that weren’t there before. You may notice a little drop-ling here or there or the scurrying across your floor that you see in the corner of your eye.  When you go into your cabinet for some food and find both drop-lings and little holes in your food bag where they went in and munched on your food, you know you have a problem. They won’t just stop at things that you can see they will get into your walls and create structural damage just like termites. Once the rodent in your home crosses the line from just being in the home to touching the food you eat and worse causing structural damage they are going to cost you a lot more money. The best way to get rid of them, like with any pest infestation, is to get rid of them sooner rather than later. So even at the smallest chance that you notice that something is off in your home, whether it’s abnormal wear or tear on your furniture, drop-lings in your cabinets, or holes in your food containers be sure to call D’s Pest Control and schedule an appointment for rodent control. To take care of rodents, we do use traps and bait along with other options on how to get rid of rodents in your house.

The sooner you call, the sooner you’ll be ready to relax and enjoy the holiday season and colder temperatures snuggled up with loved ones rather than worrying about pests in your home eating away at your holiday meals.

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