Warding off mosquitoes all spring and summer might seem impossible, but there are ways to prevent them from biting you! These simple insects seek out a few sensory signals that humans produce to take note of nearby hosts. Blocking off their access to these signals can help you prevent them while they’re out and active. If you’re looking for mosquito prevention advice in Lubbock TX, read on to learn from the expert mosquito exterminators at D’s Pest Control!

4 Signals Mosquitoes Use to Find Hosts

Some people are definitely mosquito magnets, but what makes them so attractive to mosquitoes? There is actually no scientific consensus, but we do know some signals that they use to find hosts to feed on. Here are 4 ways you make yourself apparent to mosquitoes:

  1. Breath: When humans exhale, we release carbon dioxide into the air. Mosquitoes nearby pick up on the increased amounts of CO2 and use it to find their new potential host.
  2. Body odor: Perspiration amplifies our natural body odor, so getting a workout in around mosquito breeding grounds or resting areas can lead to bites. They’re also attracted to floral perfumes because they primarily feed on nectar from flowers.
  3. Body temperature: Increased body temperature creates a heat signal that mosquitoes use to find hosts. Darker clothing can trap heat from sunlight in and cause your body temperature to rise.
  4. Color: The longer wavelengths of light that human skin gives off attract mosquitoes, no matter the pigmentation. Leaving a lot of exposed skin will attract mosquitoes.

Preventing Mosquito Bites in Lubbock TX

It can be hard to keep mosquito prevention strategies in mind all spring and summer. However, if you put in the effort to keep them away, you will be rewarded with a significant lack of mosquito bites! Here are a few ways you can suppress the aforementioned signals and avoid mosquitoes:

  • Eliminate standing water: Mosquitoes lay their eggs in pools of standing water, big and small. This means ponds, pools, and birdbaths are eligible, but so are gutters, buckets, planters, and more. Cover or pour out standing water wherever you find it around your property.
  • Make smart clothing choices: Wearing long sleeves and pants can be uncomfortable in the hottest days of summer, but this choice will dramatically reduce your risk of mosquito bites. Wearing lighter clothing will also help to prevent heat trapping.
  • Use a safe bug spray: EPA-registered mosquito repellent products containing either DEET or picaridin will protect your skin from mosquitoes for hours at a time. If you’re looking for all-natural options, try diluting lemon eucalyptus oil or citronella oil.

Need a Professional Mosquito Control Service?

While there is plenty that you can do on your own to prevent mosquitoes, sometimes the problem is bigger than you realize, and only a trained eye can identify your properties’ vulnerabilities to mosquitoes. If you’re out of luck, reach out to our mosquito exterminators at D’s Pest Control. We can examine your home or business to find the right way to conduct a barrier spray system, leaving your property mosquito-free for months. For a free estimate, reach out today!

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