How to Get Rid of Termites

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Termites are the most destructive pests living in Lubbock TX. Causing over 5 billion dollars in damages every year in the United States alone, it is well documented that termites are one of the most expensive pests to deal with, too. With their ability to move around in our homes undetected for years, they can cause serious damage before we even notice them.

To keep your property safe from termites, it’s important that you work with an experienced termite control company. The termite exterminators at D’s Pest Control can offer proven and professional services that keep your home or business safe from termite infestations year-round.

Drywood termites found in Lubbock TX - D's Pest Control

Can I Get Rid of Termites Without Help?

Many people ask us how to get rid of termites naturally or on their own, but the truth is that you won’t get far without the help of experienced termite removal specialists. Especially with the local threat of the subterranean termite, you never know whether or not your entire infestation is eliminated without exhaustive inspections and professional termite bait stations.

Fortunately, termites do not pose a threat to your immediate physical health, so discovering a termite infestation on your property doesn’t mean you should vacate or scramble to get rid of them. However, the longer you wait to get a termite exterminator involved, the more damage they can cause, raising repair expenses.

Get Rid of Termites With Help from D’s Pest Control

You have to work with an experienced termite extermination company to keep termites out of your home for good. This is the process our team uses to protect our customers from termites:

  1. An exhaustive property inspection covering the building and grounds of your home or business
  2. Identification of the active termite species and the factors that led to your infestation
  3. Creation of a termite extermination plan tailored to your particular situation
  4. Implementation of bait stations, entry-point sealing, and other termite prevention measures as necessary
  5. Continued visits from our team to ensure that termite activity is eliminated or prevented in the first place

Lubbock TX’s Top Termite Exterminators

If you want your termite control done the right way, you need to reach out to professional termite exterminators that you can rely on. Here at D’s Pest Control in Lubbock TX, we take pride in doing termite removal the right way, with dedicated technicians and innovative practices that leave our customers happy and termite-free. If you’ve found signs of termite activity or would like to set up termite prevention measures, reach out to our team today!

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