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What Does a Termite Look Like? »

Approximately the same size and shape as a large ant, worker termites are a lighter off-white color, while swarmer termites are dark brown and have wings. Queen termites (and king termites) can grow to about 1” long.

Termite Anatomy & Characteristics

What Termites Are in Lubbock TX? »

There are many different termite species in the world, but here in Lubbock TX it’s the subterranean and Formosan termites that do most of the damage. Read more about both varieties in this section.

What Termites are in My Area?

What Are the Signs of a Termite Infestation? »

Look for drooping wallpaper, bubbling paint, discoloration or warping on your walls. Or it could be termite mud tubes, piles of wings, or tiny holes in wooden surfaces. If you keep your eyes peeled, there are lots of ways to prevent a termite infestation by spotting it early.

Top Signs of Termites

When is Termite Season in Lubbock TX? »

Termites enjoy warm weather, so here in Lubbock TX we have a longer termite season than most places. February through May or June is when termites swarm, but once a colony is established inside, they’ll remain active all year.

When are termites active?

What is the Life Cycle of a Termite? »

Termites have a fascinating life cycle. After the queen lays the eggs, they hatch and molt several times before reaching adulthood. They’re then assigned one of a few different jobs based on what the colony needs: workers, soldiers, or reproductives.

Termite Life Stages

Where Do Termites Live? »

Subterranean termites live underground except a few months of the year when they come above ground to swarm and establish new colonies. When they’re living in your house, they can stay hidden in the walls for months or years.

Where do termites hide?

How Do Termites Spread in Lubbock TX? »

Termites spread in two main ways. Workers might discover a new food source (cellulose, found in wood) and summon additional termites. Or, between February and June, swarmers will go above ground, shed their wings, mate, and establish a new colony.

How Quickly Do Termites Spread?

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